Ep. 8 – Heather Morris: The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Who could imagine two people found love in the same place where some humans committed the most gruesome atrocities against other humans, in Auschwitz concentration camp.

Author Heather Morris shares the remarkable true story of Holocaust survivors Lale and Gita Sokolov in The Tattooist of Auschwitz.

“Humanity was never lost in that camp. Lives were, but humanity would go on” Lale Sokolov.


Ep. 7 – Michaela “Moody” Williams: Power On & Off The Track

Today we’re talking Roller Derby! For those who’ve never heard of the sport, roller derby is a FULL CONTACT sport. It looks like football but on roller skates.

My guest Michaela “Moody” Williams was selected from the Sydney Roller Derby Team and now plays for Team Australia. Team Australia went to the World Cup earlier this year. Australia placed second in the world out of 38 countries.

Moody says, “Roller Derby is like playing chess on roller skates while bricks are being thrown at you!”

Underneath the skill, strategy and desire to win -it’s also about so much more. It’s about being a part of a community. Feeling valued, included, visible and loved.


Ep. 6 – Catherine McGregor: Being Transgender & Loving Life

Catherine McGregor was born with a male body but intrinsically felt she was meant to be living and functioning as female. This is known as Gender Dysphoria.

She was;
-from a small conservative country town
-a military officer (a male dominated testosterone fueled career)
-a cricket player and commentator (had a high public profile)
-friends and work colleagues with the Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott
-in her 50’s
-and married to the love of her life.

Catherine McGregor had every seemingly obstacle stacked against her, but she finally gave herself permission to be herself and transitioned from male to female. This story is about being who you are – and the freedom and bliss that showers upon those who choose to live authentically.

To keep in the loop of her future endeavours; follow Catherine McGregor on social media, read her book, “An Indian Summer of Cricket” and check out the play made about her life story, “Still Point Turning: The Catherine McGregor Story“.



Ep. 5 – Dr Nicola Gates: How To Optimise Your Brain Health

Who would have thought sitting on your butt all day can counteract all the good work you just did from a one hour work out in the gym!

Neuropsychologist Dr Nicola Gates shares strategies on how to optimise your brain health and prevent cognitive decline. Our lifestyle choices today affect how efficient our brain will work in our later years. If you’ve ever walked into a room and then wondered why on earth you are there -this episode is for you!

Check out Nicola’s book A Brain For Life and her website to learn more.

Ep. 4 – Dr Jo Righetti: Understanding Your Pet’s Behaviour

Animal behaviourist Dr Jo Righetti shares her wisdom about why our pets do what they do. She helps pet owners understand their pets behaviour and solves any pet behaviour problems. Dr Jo has a PhD in Animal Behaviour. Her Pet Problems Solved book series include; Cat Toileting Problems Solved, Barking Problems Solved, Dog Anxiety Problems Solved and Dog Aggression Problems Solved.

Dr Joe has written a ton of articles published in several magazines, consults to organisations and individuals and has a regular guest spot on Radio 2UE. Find out more about Dr Jo and her work at petproblemsolved.com.au

Ep. 3 – Patti Miller: Write Your Own Life Story, Memoir Writing

“Writing your life story is not quite like any other activity or hobby you may take up. It can be confronting, it is challenging and exciting. You are facing yourself as much as if you were sailing solo around the world, so it is a pursuit for the adventurous … and, the rewards make it more than worth the effort”.

If you’ve ever thought about writing your own life story, Patti Miller is THE person who can show you how! 48 of her students are now published authors (so far)!!

Check out her most recent book Writing True Stories and learn about her online and face-to-face writing courses at lifestories.com.au 

Ep. 2 – Urzila Carlson: The Truth About Being a Stand-Up Comedian

In her first year as a stand-up comedian, Urzila Carlson admits, “I sucked!” Then she learnt, “If you radiate confidence, you can take them [the audience] on whatever journey you want to”.

Three things I admire about Urzila Carlson: her work ethic, her confidence and how she created a life full of love and laughter.

In this episode, hear how a woman who was born into absolute poverty worked her butt off and got it all.

Check out her beautiful and hilarious memoir that’s awash with wisdom, Rolling With The Punchline. Upcoming tour dates are on her website: urzilacarlson.com 

Ep. 1 – David Gillespie: How to Psychopath Proof Your Life

Chances are, you’ve encountered more than one psychopath in your life (so far!). I’ve been unlucky enough to not only work alongside a few of them, but I’ve also dated a couple! Now, I can see their sneaky sneak charms a mile away. But -you don’t have to go through what I did!

In this episode, hear my guest, David Gillespie, (author of, ‘Taming Toxic People: The science of identifying & dealing with psychopaths at work & at home’) reveal how to identify a psychopath from the outset so you can opt out of playing their manipulative games.

“After a psychopath has charmed their way into your life, they don’t care if you hate them or love them. As long as you are focused on them -that’s all that matters. That focus gives them control over you”.

If there’s already a psychopath in your life -help is on the way! David Gillespie offers practical strategies to disentangle them from your life and free yourself. Check out David’s website for resources on healthy living at: davidgillespie.com 

Ep. Zero – Meet Your Host: GEENA LEIGH

Welcome to Let’s Talk! with Geena Leigh. This episode shares what this Podcast is about and introduces you to your host, Geena Leigh (that’s me).

In each episode, I will interview a fascinating guest. I love hearing success stories and I enjoy intimate conversations; where you get to connect with someone, learn something new and share a laugh. You can be a part of it by listening in!

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