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Ep. 2 – Urzila Carlson: The Truth About Being a Stand-Up Comedian

In her first year as a stand-up comedian, Urzila Carlson admits, “I sucked!” Then she learnt, “If you radiate confidence, you can take them [the audience] on whatever journey you want to”.

Three things I admire about Urzila Carlson: her work ethic, her confidence and how she created a life full of love and laughter.

In this episode, hear how a woman who was born into absolute poverty worked her butt off and got it all.

Check out her beautiful and hilarious memoir that’s awash with wisdom, Rolling With The Punchline. Upcoming tour dates are on her website: 

Ep. 1 – David Gillespie: How to Psychopath Proof Your Life

Chances are, you’ve encountered more than one psychopath in your life (so far!). I’ve been unlucky enough to not only work alongside a few of them, but I’ve also dated a couple! Now, I can see their sneaky sneak charms a mile away. But -you don’t have to go through what I did!

In this episode, hear my guest, David Gillespie, (author of, ‘Taming Toxic People: The science of identifying & dealing with psychopaths at work & at home’) reveal how to identify a psychopath from the outset so you can opt out of playing their manipulative games.

“After a psychopath has charmed their way into your life, they don’t care if you hate them or love them. As long as you are focused on them -that’s all that matters. That focus gives them control over you”.

If there’s already a psychopath in your life -help is on the way! David Gillespie offers practical strategies to disentangle them from your life and free yourself. Check out David’s website for resources on healthy living at: 

Ep. Zero – Meet Your Host: GEENA LEIGH

Welcome to Let’s Talk! with Geena Leigh. This episode shares what this Podcast is about and introduces you to your host, Geena Leigh (that’s me).

In each episode, I will interview a fascinating guest. I love hearing success stories and I enjoy intimate conversations; where you get to connect with someone, learn something new and share a laugh. You can be a part of it by listening in!

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