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Ep. 6 – Catherine McGregor: Being Transgender & Loving Life

Catherine McGregor was born with a male body but intrinsically felt she was meant to be living and functioning as female. This is known as Gender Dysphoria.

She was;
-from a small conservative country town
-a military officer (a male dominated testosterone fueled career)
-a cricket player and commentator (had a high public profile)
-friends and work colleagues with the Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott
-in her 50’s
-and married to the love of her life.

Catherine McGregor had every seemingly obstacle stacked against her, but she finally gave herself permission to be herself and transitioned from male to female. This story is about being who you are – and the freedom and bliss that showers upon those who choose to live authentically.

To keep in the loop of her future endeavours; follow Catherine McGregor on social media, read her book, “An Indian Summer of Cricket” and check out the play made about her life story, “Still Point Turning: The Catherine McGregor Story“.